Face cleaning     Regina Hydra Face “                                    
New revolutional technology, worked with vacuum, water and serums –    effectively   , without pain cleanse and reduce the skin imperfections. Removes excess sebum, shrinks pores and reduce inflamations.   
Includes – unmake up, hydra dermabrasio, hydra peel, hydra extraction, active serum, cleansing mask , final cream


New !!! Regina Hydra Face – Rejuvenating and Regeneration
60 min
Includes  : unmake up, hydra  dermabrasion  , hydra peeling, lymph draining , hydra extraction ( if needed ) active serum, photo treatment with led light, algo mask , final cream.


Hydra diamond microdermabrasion                                       
30 min
Innovative   procedure , sweeps the uppermost layer of skin debris and dead skin cells away, cleanse pores in depth with the help of water stream, vacuum and diamond particles. Enhance skin tone and texure, rejuvenates and refreshes the skin without pain or irritation.


RF – Lifting radio frequency                                                       
20 min

High frequency radio waves that penetrate the skin and cause a warming to the collagen fibers, which activates them and causes thickening and wrinkle reduction. Restores elasticity, improves the blood circulation, tightens pores.

Shaping  eyebrow                                                                           
15 min



Stem Cell Collagen Sheet Mask                                            
25 min
Anti aging face mask  with 50% phyto-extract stem cells and soluble pure Collagen, proven for their effectiveness in speeding the skin recovery processes, increasing the rejuvenation and improving the elasticity. Reduces the wrinkles’ depth and gives radiance and softness.Rejuvenating and lifting effect.


Silver Diamond Crystal Cool Powder Mask                        
25 min
Cataplasme mask with Silver Micro-Spheres and Diamond Particles for contouring and firming of the facial oval. Modern combination of active ingredients fights against the signs of skin aging, smoothes wrinkles and improves elasticity. The mask has a strong cooling effect and is recommended after the active lifting massage, 


Soft Algae Powder Mask                                                        
25 min
Cataplasme algae mask for deep hydration effect. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and irritable. Appropriate for eye contour area, neck and decollete.


Charcoal black clarifying collagen sheet mask                  
25 min
Purifying and detoxifying mask, cleanses and shrinks pores, removes comedones, also suitable for acne. Lightens and smoothes the complexion